Teach me how to internet

So, this company started a campaign to win a meet and greet with your favorite band. You found the #hashtag on Twitter and saw that it was a photo contest, you then clicked on a link that opened up an Instagram post, and read that the company was directing people to a Facebook live stream to announce who the contest winner was.

The winner then took over the company's SnapChat to snap their day leading up to the meet and greet and did a live video on Instagram when they met the band.

Are you confused? Did you find yourself asking "How did they manage all of those accounts? Why do they need them? How are they different? I still have a Nokia brick and I can't download apps."

First, congrats on having the world's most indestructible phone. Now, sit back and relax, we can launch and manage your social media while you watch the likes and followers roll on in.