MARKET: Arlington County/Washington DC Metropolitan Region
DURATION: 2014 - Present
COMPONENTS: Creative Development (Scripting, Videography, Editing, Graphic Development), Partnerships, Outreach


Taste of arlington

Taste of Arlington is the largest food, beer, wine, and arts festival showcasing the diversity of Arlington’s food scene and attracts 40,000 food lovers from all over the region. With several blocks of Wilson Blvd and surrounding streets closed to traffic and limited parking the Ballston BID encourages those attending the event to walk, bike, use public transportation or drive with friends. 

The regional business development organization, the Ballston Business Improvement District (Ballston BID), other area community development organizations, and the National Science Foundation organize the festival. Ticket sales at the event raise funds for area charities.

The festival was held in Ballston in 1987 and 1988, but moved to the bustling Shirlington Village for 13 years. In 2002 the event returned to its metro-accessible location of Ballston in an effort to increase attendance.


The Challenge

The Ballston Business Improvement District (Ballston BID) wanted to market their Taste of Arlington event as easily accessible by marketing alternative transportation options to and from the event.

The Idea

To communicate event-specific, car-free transportation options for Taste of Arlington attendees in a simple, accurate, and highly shareable way.

According to our attendee surveys conducted at the event in 2012 and 2015, we saw an increase of 11% more attendees getting to Taste of Arlington by Metro.
We attribute much of this increase to the messaging from Arlington’s Car-Free Diet outreach team and the video, “How to Go Car Free to Taste of Arlington” that was visible on the Taste of Arlington website, social media, and emails sent to ticket buyers.
The Ballston BID looks forward to continuing to work with the Car-Free Diet.
— Tina Leone, Executive Director Ballston Business Improvement District

The Solution

Create an engaging, informative, video “how-to” in order to help the Ballston BID build interest in car-free transit options among perspective attendees. Showcasing Taste of Arlington and car-free options to and from the event. The video is quick to watch, easy to understand, and covers a range of transportation options.

The video was uploaded to the Car-Free Diet’s YouTube Channel and sent to the Ballston BID. The organizers then embedded the video on the Taste of Arlington website and social media platforms. The Ballston BID also included a link to the video in emails to Taste of Arlington ticket buyers