Teach me how to internet

So, this company started a campaign to win a meet and greet with your favorite band. You found the #hashtag on Twitter and saw that it was a photo contest, you then clicked on a link that opened up an Instagram post, and read that the company was directing people to a Facebook live stream to announce who the contest winner was.

The winner then took over the company's SnapChat to snap their day leading up to the meet and greet and did a live video on Instagram when they met the band.

Are you confused? Did you find yourself asking "How did they manage all of those accounts? Why do they need them? How are they different? I still have a Nokia brick and I can't download apps."

First, congrats on having the world's most indestructible phone. Now, sit back and relax, we can launch and manage your social media while you watch the likes and followers roll on in.


Lets become best friends

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Social Media Audit - Getting to know you

First we start by assessing where you are when it comes to social media. Do you have some accounts already up and running? Maybe you don't have any at all? We can check out what you're working with and start our plan of attack. This part of the work involves you the most, since we'll be getting to know you and your company, and we're also finding what your goals are for your social media.

This is the part where you get to be ashamed of your sad Facebook page and we point and laugh.

Development & Consulting - Defining your plan

After the audit, we can come up with a plan that best suits your company's needs. We'll pick the right social media platforms, content themes, post frequency and much more. This is when we decide what your company's social media style will be and your input is what heavily influences what we develop, so don't be afraid to speak up.

Unless you have bad ideas--we don't like those.



Content Creation & Scheduling

This is the part where we create your posts, imagery, hashtags, and a schedule.

Then you look at it and tell us it's awesome.

We can also provide you some tips and tricks so you can post outside of the content we've created and still have your uploads fit your company's social media style.


Social Media Management

After creating your social media plan, we can help you see it through by providing social media management. This goes one step beyond the scheduled posts to the many other aspects of what each platform you have can do. Below are some examples of what can be a part of your social media management:

Creating & Managing social media contests
Launching boosted posts & ads
Monitoring  & Engaging with your social media community
Designing custom page banners
Establishing a company digital style guide

How do I know if this is even working?

Good question! We can provide you analytical reports showing you how well your plan is doing. In addition, we'll work on your SEO, and we can help get your name out there with press release distribution.



At the end of every month, we can provide you with a report showing you how good, bad, or ugly your social media is doing. We use this data to asses what adjustments we may or may not need to make to your social media plan.



SEO, or search engine optimization, is basically what we need to do to make sure people can find you on the internet. This includes doing things with tags, meta descriptions, domain names, links, indexing and other internet magic. Our goal is to make you visible online. 

Press Release Distribution


Need to get a press release out to the masses? We can help with that. We'll conduct a press release assessment to select your target audiences for electronic and print distribution
We will also provide a metrics report with qualitative & anecdotal data explaining press release results.