Fearless Imagination


More than employees, the NeoNiche team are talented artists,musicians, singers, photographers, writers, videographers, veterans, first responders, athletes, landscape designers, urban planners, environmentalists, merchandisers, distributers, bilinguals, coaches, players, parents, bicyclists, chefs, nutritionists, outdoorsmen, videographers, yoga instructors, and computer consultants ... but most of all, we have fearless imaginations.

In spite of our growth, we have retained the great customer service that a small company can offer, yet our team can deliver national level strategic thinking. We bring our team’s mix of passion, diversity, and expertise to the table, boosting growth for businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes as well as helping government agencies meet their most important goals. Our team’s commitment, creativity, character, passion, professionalism, diversity, Spanish fluency, and expertise drive proven results for all of our customers’ targeted markets.