Social Media Management

After creating your social media plan, we can help you see it through by providing social media management. This goes one step beyond the scheduled posts to the many other aspects of what each platform you have can do. Below are some examples of what can be a part of your social media management:

Creating & Managing social media contests
Launching boosted posts & ads
Monitoring  & Engaging with your social media community
Designing custom page banners
Establishing a company digital style guide

How do I know if this is even working?

Good question! We can provide you analytical reports showing you how well your plan is doing. In addition, we'll work on your SEO, and we can help get your name out there with press release distribution.



At the end of every month, we can provide you with a report showing you how good, bad, or ugly your social media is doing. We use this data to asses what adjustments we may or may not need to make to your social media plan.



SEO, or search engine optimization, is basically what we need to do to make sure people can find you on the internet. This includes doing things with tags, meta descriptions, domain names, links, indexing and other internet magic. Our goal is to make you visible online. 

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Press Release Distribution

Need to get a press release out to the masses? We can help with that. We'll conduct a press release assessment to select your target audiences for electronic and print distribution
We will also provide a metrics report with qualitative & anecdotal data explaining press release results.