Logo is the entry point to your brand. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes - not the other way around.  Presenting and maintaining a strong, consistent brand identity is vital.  It is critical that the brand speaks to the target audience, spark positive emotions, and express the values and reputation of your company.


Carlyle Council

The organization representing Alexandria, Virginia's Carlyle community is the Carlyle Community Council (CCC) that oversees the open spaces, parks and community amenities in Carlyle.

CCC serves as the business and community development organization for Carlyle and advocates on behalf of Carlyle stakeholders on matters impacting the community.

The Council was looking to refresh their brand, to better represent a vibrant and growing community where people not only worked and lived - but thrived. We redesigned their logo, which kept the iconic lion, representative of the statues which greet visitors when they enter the community. A modern logo with a shortened name allows Carlyle to have a contemporary style which reflects the new development coming to their community.


Swan Cove Spa & Salon

Swan Cove Spa & Salon came to us wanting to refresh their look, but keep a key element of their branding, the swan-like 'S'. Their goal was to have a logo that matched their updated look inside of the spa as well as to have a clean, tranquil feeling evoked when looking at their logo--representative of how a client should feel when entering the spa and salon.

NeoNiche created a new logo with a new color scheme to relaunch Swan Cove's social media, website, and interior decoration. The 'S' in swan was kept similar to the previous logo, to pay homage to a brand that clients have known for years, but it was adjusted to create a better balanced image.


Chesapeake Financial, LLC

Launching a new business is hard, but starting one with an unrecognizable logo and common name is even harder. The challenge we faced when creating Chesapeake Financial's logo was trying to represent this budding business as an approachable mom & pop, while still positioning them as experienced as an industry leader.

The symbol we created to go along with their logo conveys a sense of balance and authority in the financial industry, as well as further promoting the 'C' and 'F' of Chesapeake Financial's name.

With the creation of this new logo came the creation of their social media accounts and a revamped website that showcased a quirkier personality, sense of humor, and command of their industry.


Your Body Needs

Your Body Needs has been Annapolis MD’s premiere destination for massage therapy since 1998. In 2014, they incorporated aromatherapy and essential
oils from around the world to their offerings. With a booming online
store, growing competition and the need to attract and an international audience, the brand was changing as was the brand identity.

Our approach was to create a timeless, yet modern mark to introduce
major markets to the Your Body Needs brand. The elegant font and memorable overlapping almond shape image symbolizes the brand’s overlapping services and offerings. We incorporated color to update the look and added a tagline that said the brand wasn’t just a place for a massage, but an all-encompassing lifestyle.



Domesticall was already a well-known business in Virginia, but their main focus was residential and commercial cleaning. After joining forces with another company, Domesticall was reborn as Domesticall360. With the new name came the new array of services that expanded their company to a full property services management company, but their logo didn't reflect this new identity.

The Domesticall360 logo was redesigned to reflect the idea that they now aim to be the one stop shop for all home services a client may need. From cleaning, to landscaping, to storm damage mitigation, Domesticall360's logo now reflects a complete circle of home services, not just what could be done under one's roof.

FRS Logo.png

First Response Staffing, LLC

First Response Staffing (FRS) is an employee staffing network comprised of a Public Sector workers. Founded by Veterans and Public Safety Officials, the sole mission of FRS is to provide additional income and job training opportunities for public sector workers while also assisting private sector companies to fulfill their short-term and long-term staffing needs.

When it came time to create a logo representative of the work they do and paying homage to the industry they work in, it was clear that we needed to create a logo reflective of first responders. With this style of logo, trust and reliability come to mind--exactly what FRS wants for their workforce and companies to think of when they call on them. This logo also incorporates the logo of the parent company, Cat Corporation.