MARKET: Maryland
DURATION: February 2017- Present
COMPONENTS: Strategic Planning, Creative Development (Digital, Collateral), Branding, Social Media


First response staffing

First Response Staffing (FRS) is the nation’s leading temporary employee staffing network comprised of off duty firefighters, EMS and police officers dedicated to fulfilling immediate, private sector staffing needs.  Founded by veterans and public safety officials, the sole mission of FRS is to help private sector companies in fulfilling their staffing needs with a quality, dedicated, reliable and highly skilled workforce while providing additional employment opportunities for our nation’s first responders; creating a “win-win” opportunity for both private sector companies and our nation’s heroes.  FRS and its nationwide network of first responders is the only staffing company capable of responding immediately to fulfill staffing needs with a quality workforce unmatched by anyone else in the staffing industry.


The Challenge

FRS needed and identity!  Guide First Response Staffing (FRS) in promoting themselves and growing their book of business and recruiting employees and employers by launching their company branding, digital presence, social media campaign, and print materials.

The Idea

Design a logo that speaks to the industry and prospective clients FRS is trying to capture. Create a visually appealing website describing the services FRS could provide for candidates (workers) and industry partners (companies), general company information, and online applications for all interested individuals. Set up appropriate social media pages, with consistent messaging and imagery.  Draft and design FRS’s digital and print flyers for recruitment purposes and online postings.

FRS Logo.png

The Solution

The First Response Staffing logo was created in the style of a fire company shield to reinforce the idea that they aim to assist first responders find additional employment opportunities. We built, a website that provided prospective clients a centralized location for submitting their applications, as well as information about the benefits of joining the FRS Network.

We also created Facebook and LinkedIn page for FRS, which allowed their online presence to rapidly grow and increase their search engine optimization. For in-person recruitment and online postings, we designed flyers branded ‘Hiring Heroes’ and ‘Employee Brief’ that provided detailed information about the benefits of joining and how to join the network.

When I saw the logo, it made me want to throw on a jersey and fight the ENEMY! All we have to do is send our clients to the website and they know we are legit-they are hooked!
— Mike Glaubitz, FRS Principal