MARKET: Arlington County/DC Metropolitan Region
DURATION: 2013 - Present
COMPONENTS: Strategic Planning, Creative Development (Digital, Collateral), Partnership, Outreach, Distribution, Event Planning


Dieta Cero-Auto

Latinos/Hispanics make up nearly one-fifth of Arlington County’s total population, and Spanish is the county’s second-most spoken language. Dieta Cero-Auto (DCA) was developed specifically to reach this historically underserved population and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn about the many reliable, cost-saving, and easy-to-use alternate forms of transportation in and around Arlington County.


The Challenge

Recognizing that many members of Arlington County’s large Latino/Hispanic population rely on public transportation, Arlington County Commuter Services’ Car-Free Diet program needed to reach out to them. But without promotional materials and outreach designed with the area’s Latino/Hispanic community in mind, the program was losing a significant opportunity to connect public transit users with available resources.

The Idea

Create a suite of programs and resources in Spanish that staff and outreach teams can use to engage a variety of audiences. Target groups include both Arlington residents and business owners whose staff primarily uses public transportation to get to work. Tell the story of how Arlington’s interconnected system of public transportation can easily fit into any lifestyle. In fact, public transit can make it easier to get to work, run errands, and travel around town.

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The Solution

We branded Dieta Cero-Auto with a multifaceted outreach program incorporating videos, print material, and one-on-one outreach to individuals and businesses. We created several video series, each with a specific theme and audience in mind. The El Que Sabe, Sube series are consumer-facing videos, highlighting the ease of planning and taking trips using public transportation. The Shop Talk series is part of DCA’s business outreach and features local Latino/Hispanic owned businesses such as El Paso Cafe, as well as other points of interest like public libraries and events around Arlington.

The one-on-one outreach segment of DCA included appearances at Latino/Hispanic-specific events, such as the Festival Latino Americano and Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Latino Summit. The initiative also featured formal presentations to primarily Spanish-speaking audiences, among them Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington’s Migration and Refugee Services and Liberty’s Promise, an organization devoted to the civic development of Arlington’s immigrant youth.

We are very pleased with the transportation presentation that Arlington County prepared for the Liberty’s Promise Wakefield, an after-school program of civic engagement for immigrant youth. The presentation enabled students’ abilities to become more aware of the transportation methods in their community. This is critical for the immigrant population because they are not aware how accessible it is to get around Arlington.
After the presentation, many of the students expressed how useful the information will be not only for themselves, but to also help their family. Thank you for giving our students this opportunity!
— Isela Melendez, Program Officer, Liberty’s Promise