MARKET: Maryland
DURATION: February 2017- Present
COMPONENTS: Strategic Planning, Creative Development (Digital, Collateral), Branding, Social Media



Domesticall360 is Maryland's leading provider of complete home care and maintenance services for the entire home, inside and out. They also offer home maintenance services, providing an unmatched level of quality and customer services that only a dedicated Home Concierge can provide.


The Challenge

Assist Domesticall360 in promoting themselves and growing their book of business and recruiting employees by relaunching their company branding, digital presence and print materials.

The Idea

Design a logo that speaks to the industry and prospective clients Domesticall360 is trying to capture. Create a visually appealing website describing the services they could provide for clients, general company information, and online applications for all interested individuals. Draft and design Domesticall360's digital and print flyers for recruitment purposes and online postings, and create and execute promotional mailers.


The Solution

The Domesicall360 logo was redesigned to reflect the idea that they aim to be the one stop shop for all home services a client may need. We built, a website that provided prospective clients a centralized location for submitting their requests, as well as information about the benefits of using Domesicall360 as their home concierge service.

We also created several postcard mailers to target prospective clients in Domesticall360's service area which allowed their book of business rapidly grow. For in-person recruitment and online postings, we designed branded flyers in Spanish that provided detailed information about the benefits of joining the Domesticall360 staff over other competitors and strategically distributed them as advertisements to local newspapers.