MARKET: City of Alexandria
DURATION: 2015 - Present
COMPONENTS: Research, Creative Development, Cartography, Outreach, Partnerships


Carlyle Council

Located just west of Old Town, Carlyle forms part of the City of Alexandria’s contemporary answer to historic Old Town. Often referred to as the “economic engine of Alexandria,” the Carlyle neighborhood is home to a multitude of restaurants, retail locations, and offices including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


The Challenge

Despite an appealing array of shops, restaurants, and amenities in the Carlyle section of the City of Alexandria, visitors, employees, and even residents were unaware of the area’s offerings. As a result, they were spending time and money that could have stayed in Carlyle in better-known areas, particularly Old Town Alexandria. The Carlyle Council needed a method to gain buy-in from retailers, hotels, restaurants, and stakeholders to strengthen Carlyle’s brand and foster a sense of community.

The Idea

Design a breath-taking map highlighting Carlyle as an “urban village” similar to Del Ray, Old Town and the West End. To do so, NeoNiche Strategies partnered with International Mapping Associates (IMA), local, award winning mapping firm who utilize complete GIS capabilities for geographic data creation. Under the direction of the NeoNiche Strategies Team, IMA constructed a map that incorporated nearby transit options such as Metro and Capital bikeshare, and highlighted local landmarks such as the George Washington National Masonic Memorial.

In addition to IMA’s work, the NeoNiche Strategies creative team rounded out the map by adding graphics to indicate Carlyle’s retailers, restaurants and parks, as well as the route of a local shuttle. The NeoNiche Strategies Team also helped brand the brochure through adding an “About Carlyle” section and utilizing Carlyle’s iconic lion’s head imagery throughout the brochure.


The Solution

To help define Carlyle, our brochure design featured Carlyle’s signature lions, which welcome visitors and residents to the neighborhood. The content displayed a colorful, easy-to-read map displaying the area’s many attractions, including restaurants, retailers, service companies, and convenient transit options. The brochure is available in paper and online, making it accessible from anywhere. We also included a summary of the neighborhood’s history and culture, sharing what makes Carlyle a special place for residents and visitors.