Brand Strategy that gets you on track

A business starts with a business plan. Marketing starts with a marketing plan. Strategy determines who you are and what you're about. Brand strategy is more than your product, logo, or name, it is the experience that consumers have with your company, product, or service. NeoNiche can make sure that the experience associated with what you have to offer not only leaves a positive impact, but a lasting impact on your audience.

Not sure who your audience is? We can look into your objectives, mission, vision and values and consider your industry to identify exactly who you should target. It's only after this that we are able to provide design solutions that carry out your specific objectives.

We develop a long-term plan to achieve specific goals, define your brand personality and competitively position you in your industry. We can be your GPS, your compass, your lighthouse...getting you on the right track and putting your brand on the map.



Through a collaborative effort we assess your current strategy (if any) and make sure it aligns with your business mission and objectives.

We also look into your positioning in your industry and take a look at how you compare to your competitors.

It is in this step that we also make decisions as to what mediums you will use to reach your target audience.



How will you communicate your brand strategy? It's up to us to define your platforms and provide exactly what you need for a successful implementation of your plan.

Creating your websites, logos, taglines, social media accounts and more... The development phase is where your ideas and our expertise come together to establish who you are as a brand.



Your maintenance plan is simple – we can update your digital presence whenever you request a change.

We can also provide you with suggested content calendars on a quarterly basis, depending on how much or how little you'd like us to continue managing your brand strategy.

Finally, we maintain an ongoing relationship with you to ensure that as your brand develops, your brand strategy is updated to match.