Quality brand ambassadors, quality interactions


Working hand in hand with traditional marketing campaigns, NeoNiche Strategies’ outreach marketing efforts create buzz to activate people beyond the outreach engagement itself. Our clients choose NeoNiche Strategies’ unique brand of outreach marketing because it is both effective and an efficient use of budget resources.

Outreach marketing is predicated on the insight that you go where the audience spends time. NeoNiche Strategies outreach involves ongoing recruiting, training, and managing of team members. These flexible and multitalented individuals possess many skills and qualities, including being proficiently bilingual, highly energetic, entertaining, enthusiastic, extremely flexible with their schedules, and able to meet the physical requirements of these activities. Our team is truly one of a kind.

Success in outreach marketing does not happen by accident. NeoNiche Strategies knows how critical it is to plan by organizing detailed logistics, transportation, and scheduling information. In addition, superstar outreach marketing requires effective marketing collateral inventory management efforts to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information.